Online Counselling

Access support from experienced mental health professionals in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Online Counselling Services Throughout Australia

The experienced mental health practitioners at Create Balance offer effective online therapy and counselling when face-to-face consultations for treatment services are not possible. Our mental health professionals have extensive training in a range of mental health conditions and will consult with you about your preferred method of contact, whether it is via telephone or video conferencing. Online counselling provides you with the opportunity to seek timely support in the consumer mental health space within the comfort, safety and private space of your own home, whether you are a Geelong resident or located in other parts of Australia.

Online Counselling Services Via Telephone

Telephone counselling is a great option for people with mental health issues who do not have reliable access to the internet. It may also be preferred by people who are not comfortable using video conferencing. If a telephone call is your preferred method of accessing counselling support services, all you need to do is find a quiet and comfortable environment and wait for your therapist to call you at the arranged time.

Online Counselling Services Via Video Conference

Online counselling, via video conference, is easy to setup and the next best thing to face-to-face counselling services. It provides both you and your therapist access to facial expressions and gestures as an additional layer of communication. The mental health clinicians at Create Balance prefer to use Zoom, as it provides a free, private, secure and reliable platform for both you and your therapist to engage in online counselling support.

To access online counselling through Zoom, you will need to have a reliable internet connection and download the free software, using the Download Zoom link below, to your computer or tablet. To download the Zoom app to your your phone, simply go to the App Store.

Your therapist will then send you a link which will direct you to your online counselling session.

For more information on telephone or online mental health services, call us on 0434 415 575