Laser Therapy for Acute ​and Chronic Pain

Photobiomodulation / Laser Therapy in Geelong

Photobiomodulation / low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a gentle, safe, pain-free and non-invasive therapy.

It involves shining an infrared and near infrared light onto targeted areas of the body, which helps stimulate, protect, repair and energise the body on a cellular level. Photobiomodulation ultimately assists the body’s ability to reduce pain and inflammation, increase the body’s range of motion and accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself.

Woman rubbing her shoulder

Pain management

Photobiomodulation can be an effective, non-invasive, non-medicated way to find relief from painful ​symptoms of persistent or chronic conditions.

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After seeing Shannon for the last three weeks for multiple ailments I have definitely found to be in better health, mentally and physically.  He has a very professional and forward thinking approach to his work and looking forward to working on myself with him in the future.

Ben W, ​Geelong

After months of neck pain I had tried various different treatment options with little success. After my first session with Shannon I had relief from pain and with each additional session I have seen further improvement. Thank you Create Balance!

Bridget O, Torquay

Common Treatments

Man touching his inflame knee

Knee Pain

man in pains holding his waist

Back Pain

man touching his inflamed Neck

Neck Pain

As Well As:

  • NAcute pain
  • NA-C joint sprain
  • NAnkle pain
  • NArthritis
  • NBicipital tendonitis
  • NBrachial plexus injuries
  • NBulging discs
  • NBursitis
  • NCar accident injuries
  • NCarpal tunnel syndrome
  • NGolfer’s elbow
  • NHerniated discs
  • NHip pain
  • NHip replacement
  • NJaw pain
  • NKnee pain
  • NKnee replacement
  • NLigament injuries
  • NLower pack pain
  • NMeniscus injuries
  • NMigraine, neuralgia
  • NNeck pain
  • NOsteoarthritis
  • NGeneral pain
  • NChronic pain
  • NDisc degeneration
  • NEar infection
  • NFacet joint issues
  • NFoot pain
  • NHand pain
  • NHeadache
  • NHeel pain
  • NPost exercise soreness
  • NRotator cuff strains and tears
  • NSciatica
  • NShoulder pain
  • NSlipped discs
  • NSports injuries
  • NSprains and strains
  • NTendonitis
  • NTennis elbow
  • NTorn muscles and ligaments
  • NTorticollis
  • NTMJ disorders
  • NTooth pain
  • NTrigeminal neuralgia
  • NTrigger finger
  • NWrist pain

Pain has the potential to significantly affect a person’s quality of life

The therapists at Create Balance Laser Therapy are passionate about helping clients heal from persistently challenging health concerns and are determined to help their clients to live the life they deserve by utilising the most effective, innovative and evidence-based therapies.

Create Balance’s founder and lead therapist, Shannon Bowman, understands the significant effects of chronic pain, having suffered from neck and shoulder pain for many years. After finding relief from his persistent pain with photobiomodulation, he became a passionate advocate for the therapy and was motivated to help others find the same relief. Read about Shannon’s battle with chronic pain here.

Dan’s Recovery Using Laser Therapy

Lauren Ware

Meet Lauren – your laser therapist


Lauren’s wide range of experience and knowledge, as well as her bright and caring nature, will help you feel understood and confident in your journey towards a pain-free life because your goals are her goals.

As a competitive rower, a fitness instructor, a qualified masseuse and a certified laser therapist, Lauren has the broad range of experience and knowledge needed to understand your physical ailments and to help you heal effectively. She has her own experiences of pain and irritation and she supports her family’s experiences of chronic pain. This means she is passionate about seeing each of her clients restore their health, their hope and their happiness.

​Lauren’s bright, approachable and caring nature will make you feel welcomed, safe and comfortable. As an effective communicator, she will listen attentively to your concerns, answer every one of your questions and clearly explain the steps involved in your treatment. You will feel confident that Lauren is dedicated to helping you reach your health goals.