Children’s and Young Adult’s Mental Health

Are you or your child struggling with their emotions and social life? Look no further. Dr Claire Manton can provide a supportive, nurturing environment to tackle these challenges. Dr Claire Manton works at Create Balance Psychotherapy and Counselling in Geelong.

Kids Mental Health 

Specialising in children’s and young adult’s mental health, Claire works with individuals aged 25 and under, helping them navigate life’s trials with resilience and positivity. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, academic stress or having difficulty adjusting to major life transitions, Claire can offer a helping hand.

Adolescent Mental Health Geelong

Beyond the average counsellor, Dr Claire Manton creates a genuine bond with her clients, ensuring trust and mutual respect. Her focus on fostering authentic relationships is critical to her therapeutic philosophy, enabling her clients to express their feelings openly and guiding them towards healing and self-discovery.

Real-world Experience 

With her unique blend of psychoanalytic, attachment, somatic, cognitive, and existential theories, Claire tailors each session to the individual needs of her clients. Her experience as an educator makes her particularly attuned to the issues that school-aged children and young adults grapple with, helping them combat academic stress and improve their peer relationships.

Dr Claire Manton’s prowess doesn’t stop at counselling. With an illustrious career in education, she is also a respected teacher and has contributed to groundbreaking research at Monash University.

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Get Your Teen Help Today

Taking that first step towards addressing mental health issues can be daunting. But with Dr Claire Manton, you and your child can find the strength to overcome those challenges head-on. To book an appointment, call 0434 415 575 for a confidential discussion about how she can support you during this time.

Invest in your or your child’s future emotional well-being today by reaching out to Dr. Claire Manton – a therapist who truly cares about making a positive difference in your life.

Written by Shannon Bowman