Child and Adolescent Counselling in Geelong

Give your kid the support, space, and strength to shine with our child and adolescent mental health counselling services in the Geelong region. Our experienced counsellors are here to provide the mental wellbeing support and assessments.

Psychological Health Support for Minors and Adolescents

Many children and young people face problems that impact their emotions, psychology, behaviour, learning, confidence, and general wellbeing. Early intervention is vital, to create a strategy that can support and guide them during these times and aid in parenting.

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Common Questions About Children/Youth Therapy

What will we talked about during Consultation?

Children learn to express their feelings, overcome, and work through any issues troubling them. Structured therapy helps them cope, communicate, and improve their social, family, educational, and life experiences.

What issues can a child mental health practitioner help with?​​

Our counsellors are trained to help with a range of issues, including family problems, school problems, bullying, aggression, and various emotional problems such as sadness, grief, anger, stress, worry, and low self-esteem. Our therapists are also experienced in helping children and youngsters with conditions like ADHD, depression, OCD and anxiety, eating disorders, self-injury, disruptive behaviour disorders, autism, and trauma-related disorders.

When should I consider getting help for my child?​​​​

Children and young adults may benefit from professional guidance when facing challenges they cannot handle alone or when they significantly impact their well-being, emotions, behaviour, or academic performance. If problems persist and aren’t resolved independently, therapy can provide the necessary support for improvement. Sometimes, the entire family may require psychotherapy to enhance communication, acceptance, and the creation of healthy boundaries among family members.

How will a counsellor work with my child?​​​

Our counsellors work closely with children and teenagers, providing praise and support as they learn new life and coping skills. The approach depends on the kid’s age and may involve meeting with the minor individually or with their guardian. The counsellor may also provide tips and guidance to mothers or fathers on supporting their kids at home.

How long will my child need Guidance?

The consultation duration will depend on the children’s needs and the goals you and your psychotherapist set. Typically, therapists recommend meeting once a week for a few months to achieve the desired outcomes.

How Can Parents Help?

As a mother or father, there are several ways you can support the needs of children to make the most of their counselling experience:

  • Find a counsellor that you and your child feel comfortable with and trust.
  • Ensure they attend all scheduled appointments, as change takes time, and progress is often achieved over multiple sessions.
  • Communicate regularly with your child’s counsellor and ask for guidance on how to address issues that arise at home.
  • Spend quality time with your little one daily, engaging in activities such as playing, cooking, reading, or simply laughing together.
  • A Guardian with patience, warmth, and kindness. Use positive reinforcement, even when providing corrections or guidance.

This following Beyond Blue checklist aims to measure a broad range of social, emotional or behavioural difficulties your child may be experiencing. It’s suitable for kids aged four to 16.

Beyond Blue child mental health checklist

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Book an Appointment For Your Child Today

To make an appointment for your young one with one of our experienced counsellors, please call us at 5222 1553. We have a team of dedicated professionals, including Dr Claire, Louise, and Nick, who specialise in working with young people. Review their profiles or contact our practice to discuss the best match for your child’s needs.

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