Feel in control and free again


Addiction is not a choice. It is a mental health concern and is often a symptom of other underlying issues. What is a choice, is the decision to engage in counselling, helping you take control of your addiction by uncovering the issues underpinning it and holding you back.

Common addictions include alcohol, drugs, gambling, spending, sex, pornography, gaming, technology, exercise or food. However there is no exhaustive list of addictions, as each person’s circumstances are unique.

Addiction can be a confusing and overwhelming mental health concern.

The effects of addiction can often be felt in many different areas of an individual’s life, from mental and emotional health to physical and financial health. Addiction can also impact on the health and happiness of close friends and family members, making the challenges even more distressing.

At Create Balance, our therapists will work with you to identify the thinking and behaviours that have a negative impact on your life. They will work with you to identify the triggers that impede your ability to resist impulses and urges and they will give you strategies to use in moments of difficulty and distress, helping you to feel empowered and in control.

The therapists at Create Balance strongly believe that addiction is most often a coping mechanism and a symptom of other underlying issues, such as trauma, anxiety or depression. Fulfilling urges can provide temporary relief from distressing feelings but ultimately it does not address the root cause of distress. Our therapists will work with you to uncover the root cause of your distress may support you to begin your healing process.

Each person’s path toward recovery from addiction will be different, depending on their personal needs. However, we believe that EMDR, in conjunction with other therapies such as trauma focused mindfulness based therapies, behaviour modification or motivational interviewing, can be effective therapeutic treatments for many clients experiencing addiction issues.